Event Parking

Lots of events in downtown Minneapolis. Lots of close parking too.

If you’re coming to an event downtown, the ABC Ramps Mobility Hub is located next to several event venues such as Target Field, Target Center, First Avenue, the Historic Theatre District, Warehouse District restaurants, and many more. Skyways lead from the ramps to many of these places.

You are guaranteed a parking space when you arrive if you buy a pre-purchased reservation. Just use your favorite parking reservation app.

Here are the other ways to pay for event parking:

Credit Card payments

  • Insert the parking ticket at the exit.
  • The rate will post; then insert the credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.
  • Remove the card and the gate will open.

Cash payments

  • Take the ticket with you.
  • Pay at pay stations located within the ramp. See posted signs for locations.
  • Within 15 minutes after paying, insert the ticket at the exit and the gate will open.

Charter bus parking

Charter bus parking for events is by permit only. Permits can be purchased in advance from Mpls Parking.

Handicapped parking

There are parking spaces in Ramp A and B for persons with disabilities. Both ramps allow direct access to Target Field, Target Plaza, Target Center, and other skyway-connected destinations.

ADA Stalls

 Ramp A:

Level 2:

  • 3 ADA stalls at 2nd lobby elevators
  • 3 ADA stalls at Twins Way lobby elevators

Level 3:

  • 3 ADA stalls at 2nd lobby elevators
  • 2 ADA stalls on 1st lobby elevators

Level 4:

  • 6 ADA stalls at 1st lobby elevators
  • 4 ADA stalls at 2nd lobby elevators
  • 4 ADA stalls near Twins Way lobby elevators.

Levels 5,6 & 7:

  • 38 ADA stalls located at or near the 1st lobby, 2nd Ave. lobby, and Twins lobby elevators

Ramp B:

Level 2:

  • 1 ADA stall at 3rd

Level 3:

  • 1 ADA stall at 2nd This ADA stall is an EV Station. It is on the Skyway.

Levels 4 & 5:

  • 15 ADA stalls. They are located near the 2nd & 3rd Ave. Elevators.

Levels 6 & 7:

  • 11 ADA stalls located near the 2nd & 3rd Ave. Elevators

Ramp C: 

  • 26 ADA stalls located near the 2nd & 3rd Ave. elevators
  • Level 2 3rd Avenue does not have ADA stalls

Need electric vehicle charging? It’s available in all three ramps. Visit ChargePoint to learn more.

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