Parking is easy in downtown Minneapolis

The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub has the largest ramps in downtown. They are conveniently located near the skyway system, major highways, transit connections, and the city’s center. Whether you come to downtown Minneapolis for an event, shopping, or daily work, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to pay and how you want to travel based on what your needs are.


It’s a good time to share your ride to work!

Monthly Parking

Monthly contracts are available in Ramp A, but currently, there is a waitlist for Ramps B and C.  The early bird parking rate is also available in all ramps. And you can consider other downtown parking ramps

Daily Parking

Here are the parking rates.

Hourly Parking

Consider parking in one of the ramps for short trips to downtown. Two hours in the ABC Ramps are the same price as two hours at a meter. Save time by entering a ramp instead of circling the block looking for a meter.

Event Parking

Park in the ABC Ramps Mobility Hub and be within walking distance of many downtown locations including Target Field, Target Center, First Avenue, the Convention Center, the Historic Theater District, and many more.

Motorcycle Parking

ABC Ramps offer hourly parking rates for motorcyclists in all three of our facilities. View motorcycle parking options.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycling commuting is made simple.

Ramp-Ride-Fly Airport Parking

Make a Ramp-Ride-Fly airport parking reservation in Ramp A, park for just $5 daily, and ride the light rail directly to your terminal. Make your reservation at Park Mobile.

Have an electric vehicle?

ABC Ramps Mobility Hub has 20 ChargePoint levels 2 charging stations in Ramp A, eight in Ramp B, and eight in Ramp C.

Here’s more information to get started:


ADA Stalls

 Ramp A:

Level 2:

  • 3 ADA stalls at 2nd lobby elevators
  • 3 ADA stalls at Twins Way lobby elevators

Level 3:

  • 3 ADA stalls at 2nd lobby elevators
  • 2 ADA stalls on 1st lobby elevators

Level 4:

  • 6 ADA stalls at 1st lobby elevators
  • 4 ADA stalls at 2nd lobby elevators
  • 4 ADA stalls near Twins Way lobby elevators.

Levels 5,6 & 7:

  • 38 ADA stalls located at or near the 1st lobby, 2nd Ave. lobby and Twins lobby elevators

Ramp B:

Level 2:

  • 1 ADA stall at 3rd

Level 3:

  • 1 ADA stall at 2nd This ADA stall is an EV Station. It is on the Skyway.

Levels 4 & 5:

  • 15 ADA stalls. They are located near the 2nd & 3rd Ave. Elevators.

Levels 6 & 7:

  • 11 ADA stalls located near the 2nd & 3rd Ave. Elevators

Ramp C: 

  • 26 ADA stalls located near the 2nd & 3rd Ave. elevators
  • Level 2 3rd Avenue does not have ADA stalls


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