Bicycle Parking

Bicycles welcome at the ABC Ramps Mobility Hub

Bicycling not only promotes good health but gives you another choice on how to commute to work. Bicycles are welcome on the light rail and buses too. Bicycling also saves you money and benefits the community.

The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub offers bicyclists these amenities:

  • Bicycle lockers – weatherproof, secure lockers conveniently located near the downtown bicycle paths near all three ramps. See costs below.
  • Bicycle racks – located outside all three ramps.
  • Showers – secure, convenient, and in Ramps A and B.
  • Proximity to downtown bike paths and lanes.
  • Nice Ride stations – located at several locations around all three ramps. Visit Nice Ride to see up to date bicycle availability.

Locker contract instructions

The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub offers annual and six-month locker contracts. Six-month contracts are from April through November and cost $30. Annual contracts are $50. There is an added option to use the showers at Ramps A and B for $50. Sign up by contacting MPLS Parking.

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