Flexible ways to commute to downtown Minneapolis

How you get to work can be a daily choice. The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub offers the flexibility you want in your commute. Don’t be locked into only one way to travel. You may want to take the bus or light rail one day and then drive or bicycle the next day. You don’t need a parking contract to have a guaranteed parking spot; on the days you need to drive you can make a reservation with a parking app (learn more here).

Below are the different modes of travel that will help get you to where you are going in a safe and timely way.

  • Carpool – Reduce congestion in downtown Minneapolis, and save money.
  • TransitUse the light rail, NorthStar Commuter Rail or bus lines to get dropped off in front of your workplace.
  • Parking  – Monthly or daily payment options.
  • Park and RidePark for free and then take a bus, train, or carpool to downtown. The Express buses on I-394 take you from a park and ride directly to your destination.
  • Motorcycles Street-level parking available.
  • Bicycling Proximity to bike paths and lanes.
  • Scooters – Use this for your last-mile trip to work.

Second shift workers

  • Commuters who work second-shift jobs from Sunday through Wednesday pay the $5-night rate to park in the ABC Ramps Mobility Hub. The night rate starts at 2 p.m.
  • Thursday – Saturday commuters who enter between 2-5 p.m. get the $5-night rate, but after 5 p.m., the rate increases to $8.50.
  • During downtown sporting and other events, rates are subject to change.
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