Fl1 Ramp A

14 Days of Parking for Only $90!

FlexPass is an innovative monthly parking option for the ABC Ramps that seeks to better meet the needs of a modern commuter. With FlexPass, you may save money on your commute by paying for fewer days of guaranteed parking, using transit, or telecommuting. 



  • Only available at Ramp A
  • 14 days of parking per month
  • In and out privileges
  • Event parking allowed

Save Money
FlexPass costs less than a standard monthly parking contract at Ramp A. If you’re only parking a few days a week, ditch your monthly contract for a FlexPass!

Park When You Need It
Get 14 guaranteed parking days each month in Ramp A  and use other transportation or work-from-home for the remaining days per week.

Register Today!

Pay a reduced rate for fewer parking days with FlexPass!



We have temporarily paused the parking/transit program, FlexPlus. Please check back as we may bring this program back in the future.


ABC Ramps Mobility Hubs reserves the right to change the program pricing or cancel the FlexPass program at any time.