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FlexPass Commuting Study

FlexPass is an innovative monthly parking option for the ABC Ramps that seeks to better meet the needs of a modern commuter. With FlexPass, you may save money on your commute by paying for fewer days of guaranteed parking, using transit, or telecommuting. The University of Minnesota seeks participants to join a research study to help evaluate FlexPass for commuters this year, through August 2022.

Who can participate?
Anyone interested in purchasing a parking contract at ABC Ramps, 18 years or older, can participate in the study, including existing ABC Ramps contract holders.

FlexPass Contract Options
FlexPark: Parking Only
Pay a reduced price for fewer days of parking.
14 days per month of guaranteed parking
$90 per month

FlexPlus: Parking & Transit
Pay a reduced price for combined transportation options
14 days per month of guaranteed parking
Unlimited transit from Metro Transit
$125 per month

Both options include In-and-out privileges on days you park.

Why Participate?

Contribute to research
Help researchers investigate strategies to improve commutes, while reducing congestion and pollution in the Twin Cities. We need your help to find out if FlexPass is part of the solution.

Save money
FlexPass costs less than a standard monthly parking contract at ABC Ramps.

Park when you need it
Get guaranteed parking in the ABC Ramps for just 14 per month, just over 3 days per week.
Use other transportation or work-from-home for the remaining days per week.

Get unlimited transit
Take the bus or light rail as often as you want, weekdays and weekends, and get discounted fares on Northstar.

How it works
You’ll be asked to:
1. Complete the 10-minute Enrollment Survey to enroll in the study and sign-up for the
FlexPass contract. The Enrollment Survey collects some baseline travel and demographic information. If you have questions about the consent form for the study, please contact [email protected].
2. Pick up your FlexPass card. ABC Ramps will contact you about picking up your card at Ramp A and making your first month’s payment.
3. Use FlexPass. Your FlexPass card can be used at ABC Ramps and on Twin Cities transit options. The card includes an unlimited monthly pass with Metro Transit and discounted rates on Northstar.
4. Respond to a short exit survey at the end of the study period. When you exit the research study or when the study ends, you will be sent an exit survey that takes around 10 minutes to complete.

The study is anticipated to end August 31, 2021. All research data collection will end at that time. Participants are allowed to use their FlexPass contract through August 2022. The FlexPass contracts will be terminated at the end of the study. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase other contracts at ABC Ramps, including the standard Monthly contract, and other pass products from Metro Transit.

More questions?
For questions about the research study, contact [email protected].
For questions about the FlexPass contracts, contact [email protected].
Join the FlexPass study

About the study
A team of researchers created the FlexPass Commuting Study to better understand how to reduce single-occupancy vehicle travel to downtown Minneapolis.

The research study is a collaboration among the University of Minnesota, ABC Ramps, Metro Transit, Move Minneapolis, MPLS Parking, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.